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Msecore I7-9700F Mini PC

Time:2021-05-24 Views:2310
With the development of technology, mini PC have become more powerful from being synonymous with low performance and low power consumption. There is no difference in performance between some mini PC and desktop computers. At the same time, mini PC are recognized and accepted by more and more people.Msecore 9th-generation independent display mini game PC, the machine adopts one-piece design, aviation aluminum, drawing process panel, looks high-end, using the 9th-generation desktop i7-9700F eight-core processor, the performance is very strong, equipped with Gigabyte GTX1660 6G Independent graphics card, high special effects, very smooth eating chicken, HDMI2.0+DP interface, support true 4K ultra-clear output, restore bright colors, dual DDR4 high-speed memory, NVME high-speed solid state.
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