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Time:2020-03-04 Views:3199
The powerful mini PC of the MV200, with a stylish design of blue cool lighting; excellent performance, rich interface configuration, DP and HDMI2.0 video interfaces support true 4K HD. Support dual-channel DDR4 memory, support M2 NVME / NGFF high-speed solid-state hard drive, equipped with Intel 9260 Gigabit WiFi module, Bluetooth 5.0, support all 9th and 10th generation desktop processors, support dual SATA hard disk interface, can be flexible Equipped with GTX1050TI 4G/GTX1650 4G discrete graphics. With strong performance, you can play all major network 3D games. PCs are widely used in offices, games, design modeling, video processing, security monitoring, VR, AI artificial intelligence and other industries.
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