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I7-4700HQ Mini PC

Time:2020-03-04 Views:2356
Due to the shortage of space resources, many things are now moving in the direction of mini size. Notebook computers are becoming thinner and lighter. Even the desktop computer host is also developing in the direction of mini. Of course, the first thing to pay attention to when buying a computer host is its performance. Is it small in size and can‘t keep up with performance?
MSECORE this mini PC is equipped with I7-4700HQ quad-core and eight-thread processor, GTX1050TI 4G discrete graphics card, so that the computer‘s high-frequency data processing speed is faster, the program opens in seconds, without waiting, the operation is smooth, the page is not stuck, and it is used for playback. Competitive games are also easy to use, and the rich interface meets the needs of various use cases. This mini PC with length, width and height less than 20 cm and thickness less than 5 cm can be placed at will, which is very convenient and beautiful. Small and exquisite, stylish in shape, and very technological.
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