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ShenZhen MSECORE Technology Co., Ltd is a high tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sale of mini PC. At present, our products range from high end PC with video card, fanless PC to industrial PC and so on. We produce and sell thousands of products in more than 20 countries and regions every year. Our products are suitable for games, intelligent robots, video surveillance systems, advertising playback equipment, etc., and are increasingly used in corporate offices, homes, banks, medical and other fields.
In 2009, Msecore (HK) was established.
In 2010, ShenZhen MSECORE was established and became the distributor of South Korea‘s Magiceyes semiconductor manufacturer in China. It mainly promotes its ARM chipsets and the solutions. The main markets include cloud terminals, cloud computers, thin clients, game consoles, medical and other markets.
In 2015, it began to transform to mini computer products filed. It was devoted to research how to provide more portable high performance mini computer to replace the traditional large desktop computer for customers.
In 2016, MSECORE brand was registered.
In 2018, MSECORE successfully realized the desktop CPU with dedicated graphics for Mini PC first time. The first independent display mini computer of MV100 was innovatively launched.
In 2019, the Japan and European brand were registered.
In 2020, the MV300 extreme series was launched powerfully. The desktop KF series equipped with high-end dedicated graphics cards of GTX2060, GTX1650, and GTX1050Ti, which are favored by customers and sale to the world.
In 2021, the MV200 aviator series, the best choice for the dedicated mini computer be launched. The newest and strongest desktop CPU is equipped with RTX3050, GTX1060, GTX1660S, GTX1650 and other dedicated graphics cards. The high performance is fascinated by many industry customers.
"Msecore "is a mini computer brand proposed by Mescore technology, which is characterized by the them of“ Share and Happiness”, with the idea of “Profession and Innovation”. To emphasize on value innovation, to build a happy atmosphere in mini product era, to share the leading technology life in advance.
"Quality assurance" is the foundation of our company. We attach great importance to every detail and constantly strive to change all aspects of our products, from customized PCB production and mass production of motherboards, to quality inspection and control. All processors in our products come from semiconductor manufacturer Intel. In addition, we have a strong technical support team with more than ten years of industry experience. We strive to provide customers with good after-sales service at the same time. All our microcomputers have passed FCC, ROSH and CE certification.
We are working hard to rewrite the history, as the world moves quickly from bulky desktop computers to mini computers. In the future, we will continue to innovate, pursue perfection and improve user experience of high quality mini computers and promote mutually beneficial development of the minicomputer market!
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